Ensuring that every ROTOSOL pump that is manufactured is of the highest quality and performance, we have a number of quality measures in place. These include:

Stainless Steel Corrosion Proof Construction

Stainless steel of 304 grade is used in the construction of the motor and the pump and there are no cast iron or plastic parts. The use of laser welded impellers and precisely shaped pump bowls result in very high efficiency.

Encapsulated Stator

Rotosol motor windings are totally encapsulated in a special resin by employing a special process which ensures that windings remain permanently insulated. There is no effect of debris or water on the windings leading to a long life and consistent performance.

Long Lasting Bearings

Rotosol uses high quality ceramic thrust bearings which reduce friction, vibration and facilitate noiseless operation. Thrust bearings reduce the axial forces acting on the rotor resulting in higher MTBF.

Sealed Rotor

The rotor is made of a stainless steel shaft with rare earth permanent magnets which are hermetically sealed. The rotor is light weight which reduces the moment of inertia significantly resulting in higher efficiency. Rotor design guarantee's life long performance. Any ingress of water inside the motor cannot oxidise the rotor as all internal parts are made of SS 304 and will not corrode in presence of water.

Early Start and Late Stop

The BLDC/PMDC motors comprise of permanent magnets which do not need to be seperately energised and so such motors start at even 5% of the rated power. An early start, at low irradiation value and a late stop results in higher water output during the day

Operates in Sandy and Muddy Water

BLDC/PMDC motors have 3 times the starting torque of AC motors and due to this can drive the pump impellers even if they are partially clogged with sand or mud. This ability to overcome clogging and obstructions in the pump casing/bowls results in higher service life and less frequency of cleaning of the clogged impellers.

Compact Size

Use of very high energy rare earth magnets results in BLDC motor having about 35% of the volume of an AC motor and yet having the same output. The compact size result in low moment of inertia and contributes to less energy wasted in moving the rotor mass and consequently higher efficiency. It also makes handling and anchoring in the borewell easier.

More Efficient

Brushless DC motor has a distinctly higher efficiency when compared with other solutions available in the market and this results in a higher water output per watt of installed solar PV array.