dc solar pool pumps

pool pump

ROTOSOL pool pumps are designed for use in residential and commercial pool swimming pools and spas. These pumps can meet the filtration and circulation requirements of most pools and can be directly connected to SPV arrays without the need of any controllers or electronics. Coupled with very high efficiency DC permanent magnet motors, these solar pool pumps are extremely efficient, easy to operate and install.

unique features

  • Extremely reliable as the pump operates directly with the SPV array
  • Very low noise and extremely efficient
  • Easy to install, fast and simple operation
  • Direct replacement to any existing pool pump
  • Made from very durable and Anti corrosive materials
Model Suction Head (m) Shut off Head (m) * Discharge m3/hr (10m head) Array Size Motor Rated Voltage (V) Rated Current (A) Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)
RSP24 3 10 11.7 # 450Wp 30 12 43
RSP30 3 13 12.4 # 900Wp 30 25 43
RSP60 3 16 17.6 1800Wp 60 25 86

* Standard Test Conditions : AM=1.5, E = 1000W/m2, Cell Temperature = 25 Dec. C - # Dicharge calculated at 6m head

Note: Water Output figure are on a clear sunny day with 3 times tracking of SPV panel when solar radiation on horizontal surface is 7.15 KWh/sq.m/day