The ROTOSOL brand is synonymous with high quality and performance and superior pump sets. At Rotomag we have achieve this recognition through a ‘Company Wide Quality Approach’. Our quality initiatives include:


ROTOSOL Solar Pumps are ideal for Drinking water solutions. Efficient and reliable, these pump are built with high quality materials which provide a long and trouble free life.The pumps can be used to pump water from bore wells and underground sumps. This water can be stored in an overhead tanks and be distributed as required.The pumps can also be adapted to work in conjunction with hand pumps. With sufficient solar radiation, water is available with the flick of a switch. When solar radiation is insufficient, the hand pump and be used manually to draw water.


ROTOSOL Solar Pumps are ideal for a variety of irrigation applications like Flood irrigation, Drip irrigation, Sprinkler irrigation, livestock watering, green houses and many more.The pumps can be used to draw water from bore wells, open wells, rivers and canals and irrigate land and livestock. The head and discharge that these pumps generate make them ideal for sprinkler and drip irrigation systems.With no operating costs as compared to diesel operated pumps, ROTOSOL Solar pumps are the best solution for farmers.


ROTOSOL Solar pool pumps are ideally suited for residential and commercial pools and spas for water circulation and filtration systems. Efficient, silent and requiring very little maintenance, these pumps help save operating costs and reduce carbon footprint.