The ROTOSOL brand is synonymous with high quality and performance and superior pump sets. At Rotomag we have achieve this recognition through a ‘Company Wide Quality Approach’. Our quality initiatives include:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • MPPT effciency > 99.9%
  • Multiple automatic intelligent protections
  • High-quality power output and low THD. THD is lower than 3%
  • No fan design. Noise is lower than 40dB under full-load operation
  • Active and reactive power compensation, power factor adjustment results in improved effciency
  • Intelligent Temperature Control System
  • DC switch as standard for the entire range of inverters
  • Internal LCL choke reduces impacts on the inverter and the system from frequent switching of power supply
  • IP68 grade fan
  • DC and AC lightning protection function (Type ll)
  • Support 1.2 times power input overload and 1.1 times output capacity
  • Compact and light weight aluminium design